Alias: "Dallas"
Real Name: Nathan Steele
Age: 42
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Residence: Washington D.C.
United States
Occupation(s): Hover
Traits: Hover
Alignment(s): Chaotic Neutral
Neutral Evil
Level: XXV-100
Skill Class: Enforcer
Perk Deck: Armorer
Stealth Ability: 25 / 100

"Am I a criminal? I don't think so... We all need a job, right? We all need a PAYDAY."

"Modern-day robin hoods" is labelled by those captivated by them, and "modern-day thugs" by others victimized by them. Dallas, an exiled mobster handed a second chance, now leads a small, albeit organized crew called the "PAYDAY Gang" in a campaign against the government and other criminals alike enriching themselves at the public's expense. However, the man's motives are contradictory.

Like his cohorts in crime, Dallas' claims of "philanthropy" for the public's welfare is a ruse. In actuality, the orchestration of heists across various locations and institutions is performed for the selfish indulgence of the crew's wealth itself. The PAYDAY Gang also performs contracts for clients who'll pay them handsomely for their services, via an underground criminal network called "Crime.Net." Enabled by what innumerable contract opportunities offered on Crime.Net, it seems the only sense of regret the PAYDAY Gang has, is the knowledge they cannot humanly accept -every- job received their way. Yet, their greatest option is self-employment; making work for themselves, as opposed to just finding it.



Personality: The dangers of his profession force Dallas to be all the more careful who to affiliate with, giving the impression of unsociability; a stoic man hesitant to make emotional attachments because of liabilities he believes may be used against him. Opportunistic if chances present themselves, Dallas may cross moral boundaries for contracts he accepts to undertake, flicking his conscience on / off like a light switch to handle them.

Rationalizing the cutthroat role of an enforcer, Dallas compares his work to more legitimate trades to cope with wrongdoing. To be an effective enforcer, Dallas knows he must be willing to exercise violence and coercion, just like he must be willing to write computer code if he were a programmer, instead. Most importantly, even though others may not forgive Dallas for what he represents, Dallas accepts his talent as an enforcer, and forgives himself for it, in order to continue on unburdened by guilt and preserve his sense of purpose.

More positively, Dallas is reliable to those he's grown to trust within his tight circle of friends, with traits of loyalty, empathy and helpfulness normally seen by teammates, and less by strangers. Mindful to never speak about his involvement in Crime.net openly, Dallas leads a double life alongside his criminal career, doing his best to keep his illegal activities from spoiling the opinions friendlier people may have of him.

Modus Operandi: Burglary, transport or assault, a job's a job, but Dallas acknowledges things are easier said than done. Favoring the "silent and nonviolent" approach to heists when available, the "loud and proud" method isn't to be discounted; force has efficiency. When the cops show themselves, it's up to teamwork and firepower to prevail against the guys / gals in blue, as the situation gets messy quick. Crime tends to be a dirty business, after all, and the latex gloves and mask Dallas wears aren't just for show.

While not one to perpetuate senseless slaughter upon civilians, the man won't tolerate much interference from civilians trying to be heroes and save the day, either. Dallas may take hostages as assets to ransom when a confrontation with law enforcement is no longer avoidable, in order to trade his teammates back from custody, as leverage to make demands, or hinder police progress.

Skills: Dallas has skill points invested in the Mastermind, Technician and Ghost classes, but is primarily Enforcer. He has put points into the other classes for the damage, speed and defensive bonuses to augment his enforcer skills, and migitate weaknesses, besides focusing on enhancing his ammo efficiency and body armor to endure assaults. Dallas excels when missions go loud, delaying and outfighting foes to help teammates.

However, poor stealth as an enforcer means Dallas is detected faster in quieter missions of subtlety; fighting through the rest of a mission once discovered, which may not be just a liability for himself, but for his fellow teammates as well, leading to an undesirable confrontation. Even with some ghost skills taken, Dallas' proficiency in the stealth department is unimpressive, overall.

Background: Some topics are best left unsaid, enshrouded by the fog of ignorance. The truth about Dallas' history is that he's no stranger to crime, not because of past tragedies suffered, but perhaps being too accustomed of his company to abandon and a lifestyle misguidedly idolized. Despite hardships, Dallas expects not to find pity in a world which doles out none for his kind.

As a young errand boy for the Chicago Syndicate, prospects for Dallas steadily improved, but so did the violence and severity escalate the more devoted he became to the Syndicate providing a future for its members in return for their obedience. Working as a club bouncer up to a fully fledged hitman, ascending the mob's ranks admittedly paid well and furnished a luxurious lifestyle for Dallas. Before long, he was 30 years old, but soon forced into hiding after helping to scheme a war between two rival mob families against one another, resulting in deaths of several prominent mobsters.

Evading retaliation for years, Dallas eventually emerged from hiding, but his lifestyle was gone, and his former comrades unwilling to associate with him out of safety to themselves. It wasn't until Dallas was contacted by a man named "Bain" that a second chance to recover his lost extravagant lifestyle surfaced. Bain, interested in assembling a crew from what other societal outcasts around and out of luck, figured Dallas to be a good candidate. This crew would perform various jobs as entrepreneurs of special interests; hired to do what their clientele wouldn't handle directly.

By accepting Bain's offer, Dallas had joined an underground criminal enterprise called "Crime.Net," the Craigslist for career criminals to contact and contract one another globally.


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Weapons Primary: AK.762 (7.92 mm) Gun Modifications Secondary: Locomotive 12G (000 B.Shot) Gun Modifications
Display # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
Capacity Magazine: 60 / 120 :Total Ammo Magazine: 10 / 26 :Total Ammo
Stats Damage ________________ 69 / 125 Points Damage __________________________ 119 / 125 Points
125 / 125 Points Accuracy ___ 14 / 125 Points
Mobility __ 10 / 125 Points Mobility __ 10 / 125 Points
Visibility _______________________ 113 / 125 Points Visibility _______________________ 107 / 125 Points
Noise __ 10 / 125 Points Noise _____________________ 82 / 125 Points
Recoil ______________ 59 / 125 Points Recoil ______ 36 / 125 Points
Items Mask Ammo Bag Armor Lockpick Cutters Suit Cable Ties Gloves Drill
Display # # # # # # # # #
Capacity x1 x2 x1 x1 x1 x2 x2 x2 x1
Items YED Grenade Smartphone Earpiece Body Bag
Display # # # #
Capacity x3 x1 x1 x2


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Megurine Luka


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