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The Long Hit

The years have changed nothing. The hit on Dallas, for his involvement in conspiring to play rival mob families against one another while part of the Chicago Syndicate, is still outstanding. The bounty for his life remains active and reward lucrative. While safeguarded under Bain's protection in Crime.net, not even Bain can monitor every awaking moment that Dallas balances his civilian activities with Crime.net.

The Decision

Dallas meets a new acquaintance desperate to survive homelessness. Dallas provides them with some financial assistance, plus a trip to Bodhi's Dry Cleaning to clean their dirty suit for an job interview. A friendship blossoms, but while grateful for his support, they recognize Dallas' voice amid a robbery attempt. Unsure if they should report the very man who helped them at their greatest hour of need, an internal debate ensues between the limits of gratitude, the stigma of betrayal and the persistence of one's conscience.

The Visitor

Dallas meets someone from another realm, who is unversed with Earth's history, culture and regulations. They look to Dallas for guidance and other commodities exclusive to Earth, found nowhere else. Dallas gives erroneous information to mislead their perception of normalcy about Earth, and therefore manipulates them. Catching onto the charade, their realization may nonetheless come too late, already in trouble with the authorities, as ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it.

Under Probation

Crime.net is compromised; the identities of several members unveiled, including Dallas. While Bain scrambles to pinpoint and patch the information leak, Dallas' offshore account and spending cash linked through Crime.net, are rendered frozen and unavailable until further notice, until Crime.net recovers from lockdown mode. The unthinkable has happened: Dallas needs to find a regular job once more, as resorting to petty theft is not worthwhile the risk and his avenues to organize heists are severed. Despite the unpleasantness and menial work that may await him, Dallas must learn to adjust and wean himself off Crime.net.

A New Crew

Nothing lasts forever, not even the PAYDAY gang. The final chapter of the crew's escapades has closed, and the crew disbands as Houston, Hoxton, Wolf, Chains, John Wick and Clover move on to other prospects, overtime. While accustomed to his teammate's familiar faces, Dallas knows it is fruitless to try to rebuild the past. Staying behind, Dallas requests Bain to assemble another team to continue his criminal career, facing an otherwise uncertain future. New members are recruited, and the dynamics and teamwork between Dallas and his new crew are to be explored.