"Jones Street? Just a bun'cha spoiled rotten punks who cause nothing but trouble, and need to frick'n grow up!" ~ Anonymous Police Officer
"Even if we did get rid of the JSBs, another gang would probably come in to take over. Hardly an improvement..." ~ Concerned Civilian
"JSBs? Oh, ya mean d'eh bumblebee boys! Hah-ha-ha! 'Dey're losers, unlike us!" ~ Moonrunner Gang Member
"I swear to God, I shot a JSB S.O.B., once and he bled gold. Fucking gold, man." ~ Saracen Gang Member


Intro: The Jones Street Boys are an up and coming street gang hailing from the turbulent neighborhoods of Bensonhurst, New York City, running five years strong. Meanwhile, the gang has accumulated notoriety for its arbitrary acts of violence, vandalism and thefts committed; crimes rationalized as opportunities to exploit and adventures to be had as activities to preoccupy themselves. The JSBs are delinquents reveling in the exhilaration of the moment, and is an aspect to bear in mind when trying to extract logic and reason virtually absent from the JSBs' otherwise irrational behavior; to explain why they act accordingly in their travails to endure reality, and need to be understood.

Gang Traits: Unlike the nineteen other gangs dwelling within New York City the JSBs distinguish themselves apart, via their wealthy socioeconomic status they tout to and discriminate outsiders by; JSB members strictly come from affluent family households. To lesser noteworthy extents, the gang's ethnicity is Caucasian, gender male, and human. Factoring these hyperconformist traits in mind, one must be literally born rich, Caucasian, male and human to eligibly become a JSB, thus easily making the JSBs one of the most exclusive gangs around to join.


Lifestyle: The JSBs practice a lifestyle plagued by paranoia, peril and pugnacity to remedy an illness of extravagance, to arrogantly satisfy their entitlements to success and material wealth by traversing illegal shortcuts through life's road. The JSBs may agree with society's values, but not necessarily the accepted methods of procuring said values in society.

Mindset: The overall mindset of the JSBs is described as parasitic, avaricious of the world's luxuries and rewards, unwilling to share or contribute productively back to the community. Additionally, that its members abuse the resources granted to them for their own good in becoming accomplished civilians. Masqueraded beneath the JSB's veneer of gangsterism, reside six persons lost somewhere in transit from adolescence to adulthood; lacking ambition for what they wish to become, or unable to muster the level of discipline and patience required for what they truly aspire to be in life.

JSB gang membership is estimated to be two hundred members, and counting, but it has been determined that six of them play a prominent role in chartering the gang's course through its life.

# Alias: "Knox" Height: 6' Species: Human Orientation: Heterosexual
Name: Trevor Banks Weight: 169 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Martial Status: Not Looking
Age: 22 Gender: Male Nationality: American Gang Role(s): Leader, Soldier
Skills: Excellent: Leadership, Charisma, Fighting, Lying
Decent: Resisting Arrest, Intimidation, Lockpicking, Thieving
Terrible: Stealth, Scouting, Graffiti, Mugging
Knox About: JSB warlord; the JSB leader. One of a very few original JSBs maintaining an active presence, much less still alive. Dealt with a harsh divorce in the household, and took advantage of it when a trust fund was created for his benefit, setting plenty of money aside in reserve. When old and savvy enough to be independent, he devoted himself to the JSBs full-time, ascending the ranks and surviving long enough to become the current leader. Finances the gang from his own accounts whenever the monthly quota falls short of expected, but would rather hoard all funds selfishly. Tries to lead levelheadedly, but affected by hubris and bravado.
# Alias: "Harry" Height: 6'2" Species: Human Orientation: Heterosexual
Name: Aaron Parker Weight: 225 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Martial Status: Not Looking
Age: 26 Gender: Male Nationality: American Gang Role(s): Lieutenant, Soldier
Skills: Excellent: Leadership, Intimidation, Fighting, Resisting Arrest
Decent: Lying, Charisma, Mugging, Graffiti
Terrible: Stealth, Scouting, Lockpicking, Thieving
Harry About: Trevor's ancillary lieutenant; JSB warchief second-in-command. A member who squandered his innate talent for all the wrong reasons. Aspired to become an accountant, demonstrating commendable mathematical skills, but was too complacent and never disciplined himself enough to follow through. Now uses his skills to scam and defraud his victims on the JSB's behalf. He has been tempted to leave the gang a few times for a normal civilian lifestyle, but the belief that his history is irredeemably stained in crime; too late to rectify, keeps him trapped in the gang. To be truly forgiven with impunity, tantamount to a miracle.
# Alias: "Pilfer" Height: 5'6" Species: Human Orientation: Heterosexual
Name: Jeff Winters Weight: 157 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Martial Status: Not Looking
Age: 18 Gender: Male Nationality: American Gang Role(s): Thief, Soldier
Skills: Excellent: Lockpicking, Thieving
Decent: Leadership, Stealth, Fighting, Charisma, Mugging, Resisting Arrest
Terrible: Scouting, Intimidation, Graffiti, Lying
Pilfer About: Earned his apt alias for his kleptomania, which quickly escalated untreated into repeated shoplifting, and pickpocketing. Played the stereotypical schoolyard bully wresting lunch money from other students prior to being expelled from an academy high school after assaulting staff faculty. Bought items from his own parent's bank accounts, stealing thousands, and ousted from the house for financially jeopardizing his family. Longtime friend of Jake. Joined the JSBs with Jake, believing they had no other prospects. Sees the JSBs as means to recover the very privileged lifestyle he forfeited, via consequences of his past incorrigible misconduct.
# Alias: "Royal" Height: 5'3'' Species: Human Orientation: Heterosexual
Name: Ted Muntz Weight: 180 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Martial Status: Not Looking
Age: 20 Gender: Male Nationality: American Gang Role(s): Scout, Soldier
Skills: Excellent: Scouting, Stealth
Decent: Fighting, Graffiti, Mugging, Intimidation, Lockpicking, Lying
Terrible: Leadership, Charisma, Resisting Arrest, Thieving
Royal About: His life was set almost from the start, slated to take over the family-run business; a fashion design company, but had no interest in pursuing it. Disinherited from the family's will after refusing the offer one time too many. Considers himself victimized by circumstances; still sore about the mishap. Inept and losing patience as part of the civilian workforce, he approached the lucrative lifestyle of the JSBs and met their criteria for membership. Not the brightest nor most brutal member of the JSB crew, but more than street savvy enough to compensate for it. Exalts other JSBs as role models to follow to compensate for his own ineptness.
# Alias: "Fleece" Height: 5'4'' Species: Human Orientation: Heterosexual
Name: Zack Turner Weight: 173 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Martial Status: Not Looking
Age: 23 Gender: Male Nationality: American Gang Role(s) Elite Soldier
Skills: Excellent: Fighting, Intimidation, Resisting Arrest, Mugging
Decent: Charisma
Terrible: Leadership, Stealth, Graffiti, Lockpicking, Thieving, Lying
Fleece About: A JSB member who is, perhaps, a tad too enthusiastic about the violence characteristic of gangs. Sociopathic, irascible and belligerent at times, in which his violently brutal appetite sometimes attracts unwanted attention from law enforcement, and other gangs for the JSBs, but is regarded as an asset nonetheless; considered one of the most formidable brawlers of the gang. Had stable family relations back at home, but wanted to join the JSBs out of pride; to identify with like-minded individuals, contribute to a cause larger than himself and share in the camaraderie nonexistent as the loner he was previously as a normal civilian.
# Alias: "Boomstick" Height: 5'1'' Species: Human Orientation: Heterosexual
Name: Jake Devins Weight: 148 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Martial Status: Not Looking
Age: 16 Gender: Male Nationality: American Gang Role(s): Tagger, Soldier
Skills: Excellent: Graffiti, Charisma, Stealth
Decent: Lockpicking, Thieving, Lying, Scouting
Terrible: Fighting, Leadership, Mugging, Intimidation, Resisting Arrest
Boomstick About: A high school academy dropout unmotivated to earn a few A's and B's, much to his parent's chagrin. Rebelled against his parent's expectations and rigorous standards thrust upon him, running away from home and responsibility. Serves as the predesignated scapegoat for any trouble the JSB's anticipate, exploiting the law's slight leniency towards those under the age of adulthood. Longtime friend of Jeff. Joined the JSBs with Jeff, as the two were in a downward spiral to nowhere. One of a couple JSBs with artistic talent, best for demarcating JSB turf via graffiti tags. Views the JSBs as his outlet to support rebelling against authority.

Criminal Activity: As per any gang's usual repertoire of unlawful methods, the JSBs are not above using coercion, blackmail, or other means to achieve their goals at other's expense. Assault, robbery, burglary, and other illicit pastimes are but mere tools of the trade.

Finances: Given the gang's financial stability and steady stream of income from various sources and methods, such as: narcotics trafficking, money laundering, racketeering and usury, money never seems to be a hindrance to their activities. The wherewithal at the gang's disposal is a persuasive tool in itself the JSBs are keen on exploiting, whenever applicable to their endeavors.

Corruption: Bribery is a common technique the gang practices for a myriad of reasons: to convince bystanders to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, to keep potential witnesses silent and "forgetful" to the police, or to make incriminating evidence against them "vanish" inconveniently. The badge of law enforcement is not impervious to the JSBs' monetary influence, either. For example, whenever a JSB is arrested, usually their bail is already paid as "jail insurance," and they're released on arrival at the police station; recidivating back out to the civilized world anew. The JSBs have corrupted many persons of the law, and frustrated the most steadfast of law personnel determined to apprehend and convict the gang's members.

Combat: Prepared for combat, the JSBs employ weapons to lend themselves the upperhand or to even the odds. Their typical arsenal includes, but not limited to: lead pipes, crowbars, switchblade knives, molotov cocktails or other improvised weaponry that may be found around the immediate area or off vanquished opponents. Standard firearms like handguns, rifles and shotguns have been uncommonly reported in use, although they tend to draw more attention. Considering the JSBs' prowess to fashion just about everyday household objects into weapons, and since they utilize typical firearms, it means these items are all the more expendable and replaceable if lost or captured by enemies.

Teamwork: The JSBs are most dangerous when all six members are consolidated together; operating as a single, cohesive unit utilizing teamwork. However, to adapt to various situations as they unfold, the JSBs may split into smaller teams of varying numbers, and if necessary, scatter; every man fending for himself. There are tradeoffs to be had in terms of mobility, combat efficiency and detectability for each formation implemented, and may be key to a successful outcome for the JSBs.

Gang Roles: Each JSB member fulfills a particular role in the gang, excelling in a subset of skills related to that role, which means the gang's overall ability to function will be impacted if a certain member is killed or otherwise incapacitated. While all members can perform each other's skills, they are not quite as proficient as a specific member specializing in certain skills. Skills are: thieving, scouting, graffiti, fighting, leadership, resisting arrest, lockpicking, mugging, intimidation, charisma, stealth and lying.


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Yukari Yakumo


Bobcat Trebor

Abridged Version

The JSB gang ironically evolved from the "Watchdogs," a vigilante group in the residential district of Bensonhurst along Jones St. The Watchdogs were formed out of the belief to protect their families and property, much less the reputation of Bensonhurst, from the spread of other gangs expanding their territories throughout New York City's boroughs in the years prior. However, overtime, the Watchdogs gradually degenerated as their power and influence expanded across Bensonhurst, losing sight of their original ideals, becoming increasingly unethical and remiss in adhering to moral values until becoming what they're known today. Current members of the JSBs hold little to no recognition of this "vigilante Watchdog group," except as a means to band together and protect themselves from the valid and erroneously perceived threats of the outside world. In essence, by fighting fire with fire, the JSBs have metamorphosed into the very types of villains from a stigmatized subculture their Watchdog predecessors were established to defend the community of Bensonhurst against.

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